Mindmaven’s Top 5 Network Relationship Management Tools

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It is a simple fact that humans form new relationships just about every day, especially in the business world. We also have many existing relationships already in place that are underutilized as potential opportunities. NRM (Network Relationship Management) is all about staying top of mind with existing and new contacts. Finding the right tools for the job is essential for making your networking efforts as efficient, streamlined, and effective as possible. Take a look at Mindmaven’s top 5 NRM tools to help you get the most bang for your buck out of your network.

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1. Newsle was recently acquired by Linkedin and is a fantastic tool to help you find reasons to reach out to people in your network.

How it works: Newsle syncs with your Linkedin account while also giving you the option to connect your email address. The app identifies anyone in your network that has been mentioned in a news article or blog. Each day, Newsle sends you an email with a newsfeed of the most recent articles about people in your network. Think of it as Google Alerts on steroids. You may get more information than you need, but you’re likely to find at least one or two articles related to contacts you’d love a great reason to reach out to.

What do I do with the information? If you’ve ever had the feeling that it’s high time to reach out to someone, but don’t know what to say, that’s where Newsle steps in. It allows you to gather information about your contacts such as new jobs, the launching of a product, quotes and much more. For many of us, it feels very natural to send a positive or congratulatory email. Newsle gives you a valuable reason to reach out and send that email. When it comes to NRM, I’ve seen many of my clients wrestle with the idea of finding genuine reasons to reach out so they don’t sound transactional. Since the articles are so recent, sending an email shortly after an article is posted on Newsle makes it come across as authentic and natural.

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2. Contactually is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for people in relationship-based businesses – where networking matters the most. Contactually helps you utilize these relationships to your best advantage, without having to waste too much time.

How it works: Contactually pulls information from all your accounts (Gmail, Outlook, email, social media, etc.) and stores them in one place. It then allows you to organize your network into “buckets” based on who is most important to you.

Why is it useful? Contactually sends reminders based on the frequency parameters you set to stay in touch with contacts. Contactually reminds you, via email and dashboard notifications to follow up with the contacts you’ve deemed most valuable. Sending just one email a day to a person that is recommended by Contactually translates to more than 260 emails per year that you probably never would have sent. If they go to the right people, imagine an ROI beyond your wildest dreams!

3. Introapp is a lifesaver when you meet someone new and one or both of you doesn’t have a business card handy. It’s a lightweight, fun way to make sure no potential client is lost.

How it works: I always recommend that my clients keep track of how they meet people. Introapp helps with that. When you meet someone, the app gives you the opportunity to enter their email address and a “how we met” statement. The app will also send an email to that particular contact in a customizable template that gives information about who you are to the person – more information than you can fit on a business card.

What do I do with the information?  I advise storing this information into a CRM like Contactually. Specifically, the “how we met” statement, along with any other facts you may have learned. If you’re not a Contactually user, you can store the information in Evernote (below).

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4. Evernote is a storage force to be reckoned with in general, and it also has a few features specifically made to help with collecting contact information.

How does it work? Evernote has a nifty little feature that allows you to take a picture of a business card for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning and provides a subsequent full write up of the contact information. Basically, it does the work for you!

What do I do with the information? See all of the above. Be sure to connect on Linkedin, which will automatically be connected to your Newsle and Contactually accounts. Stay current with the business cards you store in Evernote to ensure they’re exactly where they need to be.

5. Siri is a voice recognition software on the iPhone that allows for quick dictation. I wrote an entire post on how you can use her.

How can it help me? In recent years technology like Siri has become better and better at correctly recognizing what you are saying. Experts expect this trend to continue to the point of real-life accuracy. But for now, Siri can be used in a pinch to simply make a quick note about someone you meet, contact information, or a reminder to send a follow up email. One important thing to remember is to stay consistent with storing the information you gather, so remember to add the details to your systems of trust, like Contactually.

The potential for new business comes at you in all directions at unexpected times. The best leaders are prepared to capture an opportunity as soon as it presents itself. Don’t forget about the contacts that you already have (and you have more than you realize) by taking the time to prioritize them and stay in touch. Tools like the ones above make the job easier, more efficient and even fun in some cases!  I always tell my clients not to let a day go by without a reaching out to someone with the potential to help drive your growth or vice versa.

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About the Author:

Patrick Ewers is the founder and CEO of Mindmaven, an executive coaching firm and educational platform focused on helping startup CEOs, executives and their team members achieve their fullest potential and generate game-changing opportunities by better leveraging the most valuable relationships in their network.