About Patrick Ewers

Patrick is an executive coach who has been called Silicon Valley’s top relationship management expert by Forbes. As the CEO and founder of Mindmaven, he helps professionals generate break-through opportunities from their network. As part of this Patrick focuses on dramatically freeing up a clients time by introducing pragmatic concepts of productivity and leverage. Many clients have called his work with them as game changing. Before Mindmaven, Patrick was also one of LinkedIn’s earliest senior team members, joining the company that ultimately helped shape what we call Social media today. He had the privilege of working with some of the Tech world's heaviest hitters; including companies such as First Round Capital, True Ventures, Venrock, SGI, SiliconValley Bank and Pivotal Labs.

Selling Your Company: How to Double the Value of Your Startup by Leveraging Your Network

Although few founders launch a startup with plans of selling their company, preparing for that possible future is never a bad idea. But before we get in to the six (and a half) tactics you should be doing now to sell your startup in the future, let me share a quick story ... Alan, the founder of a very successful gaming company, was sitting at his desk working on the [...]

3 Ways to Say No to Your Network (Without Damaging Your Relationships)

Or, The Art of No: How to Accomplish More by Doing Less As an entrepreneur or executive, it can often feel like half your day is spent fielding endless requests for your time. For example, does this sound familiar? Your head of engineering needs feedback on a feature, An old colleague wants to hop on a Zoom call to catch up, Someone in your network wants an introduction to someone [...]

Five 5-Minute Habits to Quickly Deepen Your Personal and Professional Relationships

Here at Mindmaven, we believe the best things in life—both personally and professionally—come from your network; from those you know and trust. But there’s a catch: It’s not just about people you know and trust. That’s only half the equation. Equally important are those that know and trust you. That’s why it’s so important to continuously invest into your network. Many people assume this means time-consuming, long-game-focused interactions. But that [...]

Travis Kalanick: Monster or Martyr? You Decide

"Look, I'm a passionate entrepreneur. I'm like fire and brimstone sometimes. And so there are times when I'll go—I'll get too into the weeds and too into the debate, because I'm so passionate about it." - Travis Kalanick By now, you've probably heard the news about Travis Kalanick's resignation as Uber's CEO. Ever since the news broke, it seems like most people are busy playing the blame game. How dare [...]

5 Actionable Tips to Develop Empathy and Become a More Empathetic Person

The rise of the Information Age and the growing popularity of the virtual workspace has brought the world “closer” than ever before. But it seems like the “closer” we get, the less personally connected we become. Case in point: Empathy. Being empathetic isn’t something you hear much about anymore. In fact, what does it even mean to have empathy? Put simply, empathy is the ability to see the world through [...]

How to Become a Legendary Leader (in Just 5 Minutes a Day)

The more your team grows, the harder it often becomes to build meaningful, lasting relationships with each person. Check out this article to learn how to keep building those relationships no matter your size, all in just five minutes a day.

How to Make Professional Introductions and Write Business Introduction Emails That Deliver Massive Value to Your Network

Imagine this: You’ve just met with a new contact for the first time and can already tell there’s a lot of potential in the relationship. As a result, you want to establish yourself as someone of value; someone worth connecting with. What’s one of the most effective ways to deliver this kind of value early in a relationship? Simple: By offering a professional introduction. Almost any new contact you meet [...]

Counter-Intuitive Leadership: Building Teams That Can (Accurately) Predict the Future

If you’re a CEO in charge of running internal meetings, there’s a few things you might want to know. For example, according to this infographic created by and Fuze: 15% of your organization’s collective time is spent in meetings, Your people spend an average of four hours each week preparing for those meetings, and On average, executives consider 67% of those meetings a waste of time. And according to [...]

The 33 Best Blogs, Books, Videos, & Influencers on How to Scale Your Startup

For this compilation, I asked some of Silicon Valley’s top startup CEOs, VPs, and VCs for their recommendations on the best resources for scaling a company. The result, as you’ll see below, is a list of inspiring and informative blogs, blog posts, books, videos, and influencers that will provide you with powerful advice and insights to scale your organization. Ready? Let’s get started. 4 Must-Read Blog Posts to Scale Your [...]