About Patrick Ewers

Patrick is an executive coach who has been called Silicon Valley’s top relationship management expert by Forbes. As the CEO and founder of Mindmaven, he helps professionals generate break-through opportunities from their network. As part of this Patrick focuses on dramatically freeing up a clients time by introducing pragmatic concepts of productivity and leverage. Many clients have called his work with them as game changing. Before Mindmaven, Patrick was also one of LinkedIn’s earliest senior team members, joining the company that ultimately helped shape what we call Social media today. He had the privilege of working with some of the Tech world's heaviest hitters; including companies such as First Round Capital, True Ventures, Venrock, SGI, SiliconValley Bank and Pivotal Labs.

How to Rate Your Network to Get the Most From It

144. According to the Dunbar Number, the average person can only successfully manage around 144 relationships at a time. For some, that’s no problem. But for those of you who are like me—who have thousands of relationships in your network—you’re in a bit of a bind. Even with the best of intentions, there’s no way to effectively manage thousands of contacts without some form of strategy. The good news is, [...]

How to Make the Right First Impression with Your LinkedIn Profile

At this point, it’s probably a little cliché to say first impressions are important; but like it or not, it’s true. And nowhere are first impressions more important than in a referral-based environment. But here’s the problem with referrals: Many people assume they “just happen;” like they’re something you have no control over. This simply isn’t true. The truth is, generating referrals is a process and, like any process, once [...]

6 Facts Successful People Know About Building New Habits (You Should Know Too)

Here at Mindmaven, we know new habits are central to the success of our clients. In fact, almost everything we teach is based on adopting new habits. Why? Because we all share the same 24-hour days, so what sets the most productive and successful people apart is simply how they use the time they’re given. In other words, they have better habits, allowing them to make better use of their [...]

Forget-Me-Not: How to Remember People’s Names (Almost) Every Time

Dale Carnegie, legendary author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, once said, “A person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” In other words: If you want to leave a positive impression on someone—to make them feel noticed, important, and valued—say their name. And that’d be great advice, if not for one thing: So many of us—myself included—often struggle to remember [...]

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Overcome Professional Procrastination

In 1978, about 5% of the population admitted to being chronic procrastinators. But today? According to a 2007 story by University of Calgary psychologist Piers Steel, that number’s quintupled to nearly 26%. But regardless of whether you identify yourself as a chronic procrastinator or not, one thing’s probably true: You do find yourself procrastinating from time to time. Nearly all of us do. Each of us, at some point or [...]

How to Make Powerful Connections by Writing Unexpected Thank You Emails

Saying thank you more often might seem like obvious advice, but the fact of the matter is, gratitude is one of the most powerful—and underutilized—ways to provide relevant, meaningful, and valuable interactions to your network. Most people just don’t leverage it to its fullest potential. Instead, they’re only trained to say “thank you” in response to a specific trigger or event. For example: A friend offers a complement, An employee [...]

5 Valuable Skills We Often Take for Granted (that Create Long-Term Success)

Just about anyone in business has a specialty, or a technical skill for which they are considered an expert. For example: A venture capitalist is skilled in knowing how to source, screen, and select high-performing investments. A transactional lawyer, on the other hand, is an expert in managing mergers and acquisitions. However, as important as these core competencies are, many professionals will need to master another skillset—a skillset I call [...]

3 Tactics to Scale Yourself (While Scaling Your Startup)

So you’ve just raised $4M. Beyond that, you’ve also established product/market fit, acquired your initial customers, and feel confident you have a real business with the potential for massive growth. Next up? Laying out a great product roadmap, ramping up the hiring engine, and building highly-effective teams. Bring it on. If that sounds familiar, you’re probably working 24/7. And depending on how long you’ve been at it, you may feel [...]

Inbox Shadowing: The Email Management System That Saves 8+ Hours a Week

US president John F. Kennedy was well-known for a unique and powerful skill: The ability to remember the names and details of almost every single person he’d ever met. And although other leaders after him may have been charismatic, few possessed this uncanny skill (probably because they never read Forget Me Not: 7 Tips to Remember Names). But once that precedent was set, there were expectations to live up to. [...]

Selling Your Company: 6.5 Things You Must Do Now to Sell Your Startup In the Future

Although few founders launch a startup with plans of selling their company, preparing for that possible future is never a bad idea. But before we get in to the six (and a half) tactics you should be doing now to sell your startup in the future, let me share a quick story ... Alan, the founder of a very successful gaming company, was sitting at his desk working on the [...]